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Strategic Maverick 

Creating a League of Daring and Influential Leaders and Teams Who Drive Transformational Change and Revolutionize the Business Landscape

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Cultivating influential

mid-managers and senior leaders who empower their teams and

embrace their authentic

leadership identities

paving the way for remarkable growth and profound impact.

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Empowering teams to thrive by fostering a culture of ownership. Our approach cultivates trust, transparency, and engagement, creating a safe and dynamic environment where transformation takes root.

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Cultivating an environment rooted in trust, innovation, and knowledge sharing by fostering psychological safety and embracing fearless experimentation. We propel exponential progress by bridging disconnection.

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Unleashing the power of experiential learning and storytelling in our transformative workshops, carefully crafted to ignite change and foster sustainable growth. Our interactive workshops will empower you with practical skills and mental tools.

Strategic Maverick’s mission is to enable organizations and individuals to systematically gain awareness, innovation, and growth through performing interventions that involve data-driven assessments, workshops, and consulting. Our programs and interventions are designed by our CEO, Sophie, whose doctorate research has focused on how leaders create a safe culture that enables growth and connection.

With over two decades of experience managing large teams of 170+ members, we have extensive management experience across all sizes and industries of organizations to help them become more innovative and drive growth through calculated risk-taking. Our approach is practical, hands-on, and tailored to the specific challenges of each organization. 


At Strategic Maverick, 
We Perform Transformation on Three Levels

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What Our Clients Say

Barbara A. Lecker, MBA, CAE 

Vice President of Sales & Sponsorship, Bio

headshot of a woman named Barbara Lecker for Strategic Maverick's testimonials

Strategic Maverick's knowledge in subjects such as behavior management and leadership is extensive. Their approach is selfless. In your time with them, you’ll find they are on one team, and one team only – yours. Sophie [the CEO] is open, honest, and available to provide the resources you need to grow.


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