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Leadership Development 



Strategic Maverick offers three types of leadership development programs in the form of workshops or comprehensive interventions focused on the following: 

Strategic Leadership

Your Challenge: Day-to-Day Management Leaves No Room for Strategic Thinking


Audience: Mid to Senior Managers, Leaders in Training 

Format: Workshops or Intervention 

Picture a world where strategic decisions flow effortlessly, empowering you to steer your organization toward unprecedented success. Yet, we recognize the frustration when strategic thinking becomes clouded by the chaos of daily operations and competing priorities. Let us guide you through the maze, helping you develop a strategic mindset that cuts through complexity and unlocks innovative solutions.


Transformational Leadership

Your Challenge: Lack of Ownership or Motivation

Audience: Mid to Senior Managers, Leaders in Training 

Format: Workshops or Intervention 

Transformational leadership is not just a buzzword; it's a powerful force that has the potential to inspire teams, improve ownership, fuel growth, and ignite change. However, we acknowledge the struggle of embodying this leadership style amidst the pressures of a fast-paced business landscape. Our tailored programs delve deep into the core of transformational leadership, equipping you with the tools to motivate, empower, and create a lasting impact. 

Developing An Executive Presence & Leader Identity

Your Challenge: Lacking Confidence or Communication Skills

Audience: Entire Team or Organization

Format: Workshops or Intervention 

Executive presence, that intangible quality that exudes confidence and influence, can make or break a leader's effectiveness. We recognize the pain points of leaders who seek to enhance their presence, whether it's delivering compelling presentations or commanding attention in high-stakes meetings. With our guidance, you'll develop the aura of a true leader, captivating audiences and becoming influential. At Strategic Maverick, we understand that leadership is not merely a title—it's an identity. We're here to support you in forging an authentic leadership identity that aligns with your values and inspires those around you. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, refine your skills, and unlock your full leadership potential.


Step 1:   

Step 2: We Develop a Plan of Action & Proposal  


Depending on your a) desired outcome, b) budget, c) time requirements, we will propose workshops and/or interventions:  

  • Workshops: We propose a series of workshops focused on the challenges we have discussed 

  • Interventions: We propose a more comprehensive intervention plan which Includes a combination of assessments, consulting, one-on-one coaching, and workshops. 

Step 3: Once You Choose your Plan, We Get To Work!

  • Workshops: We believe the best way to internalize our learning is through engaging, interactive workshops that include hands-on experience and storytelling techniques. Our workshops are 90 minutes virtual or in-person each (with an option for 2.5 hours). 

  • Interventions: We use data-driven assessments in addition to consulting, coaching, and workshops to transform your team and company culture. 

Step 4: We Provide You with Recommendations 

 At the end of the process, we'll provide you with a comprehensive summary (1-2 pages) of our recommendations, so you can stay on track and keep improving. 


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