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Reshaping Cultures



Strategic Maverick offers three types of Cultural Transformational programs in the form of workshops or comprehensive interventions focused on the following: 

Culture of Innovation

Your Challenge: Your team struggles to foster a culture of innovation, resulting in limited creativity, missed opportunities, and stagnant progress.

Audience: Entire Team, Mid to Senior Managers  

Format: Workshops or Intervention 

We create a culture of innovation within your company through a multi-faceted approach, drawing on corporate entrepreneurship research and other relevant academic studies. We cultivate an environment that encourages risk-taking and experimentation, where employees are empowered to explore new ideas without fear of failure. Additionally, fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication enables the exchange of diverse perspectives and sparks innovative thinking.

Culture of Engagement   

Your Challenge: Your company's culture lacks engagement, which leads to experiencing a sense of disconnection, decreased motivation, feelings of apathy, and a lack of fulfillment

Audience: Entire Team, Mid to Senior Managers

Format: Workshops or Intervention 

Envision a work environment where team members thrive in a culture of engagement, taking proactive initiatives and demonstrating accountability, resulting in a dynamic atmosphere of ownership that propels your company towards extraordinary success. Grounded in extensive research on corporate entrepreneurship and employee engagement, we comprehend the transformative effects that fostering such a culture can bring, including enhanced innovation, maximized opportunities, heightened motivation, and amplified team effectiveness.

Culture of Trust 

Your Challenge: Your culture lacks trust, which leads to decreased collaboration, heightened conflict, reduced employee morale, and a negative impact on overall organizational performance.

Audience: Entire Organization, Specific Team(s) 

Format: Workshops or Intervention 

Imagine a work culture rooted in trust, where leaders at all levels inspire and cultivate an environment of psychological safety, fostering collaboration and driving your company toward unparalleled success. Informed by comprehensive academic research on building a culture of trust, we recognize the far-reaching consequences of a trust deficit. We empower leaders to cultivate and nurture a culture of trust, unlocking the full potential of their teams and fostering a thriving, high-performance organization.


Step 1:   

Step 2: We Develop a Plan of Action & Proposal  


Depending on your a) desired outcome, b) budget, c) time requirements, we will propose workshops and/or interventions:  

  • Workshops: We propose a series of workshops focused on the challenges we have discussed 

  • Interventions: We propose a more comprehensive intervention plan which Includes a combination of assessments, consulting, one-on-one coaching, and workshops. 

Step 3: Once You Choose your Plan, We Get To Work!

  • Workshops: We believe the best way to internalize our learning is through engaging, interactive workshops that include hands-on experience and storytelling techniques. Our workshops are 90 minutes virtual or in-person each (with an option for 2.5 hours). 

  • Interventions: We use data-driven assessments in addition to consulting, coaching, and workshops to transform your team and company culture. 

Step 4: We Provide You with Recommendations 

 At the end of the process, we'll provide you with a comprehensive summary (1-2 pages) of our recommendations, so you can stay on track and keep improving. 

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