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Sophie creates a safe and engaging environment for the audience to learn and explore leadership, entrepreneurship, and a culture of innovation. 


She believes in the power of storytelling to make technical and academic information accessible and relatable to all. Her presentations are informative, engaging, and authentic, with a focus on connecting with the audience.

As an award-winning member of Toastmasters International, Sophie has honed her skills as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, lecturer, and panel member. Her interactive approach is ideal for those who are seeking a speaker who is genuine and passionate about their subject matter. 

If you're looking for a speaker who can deliver valuable content about leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship in a relatable and authentic way, Sophie is a perfect choice.


Past Engagements

The International Leadership Association International Conference, 2021

Topic: Leader Identity: The Learning and Unlearning of Self

Presentation Format: Panel Discussion


The International Leadership Association Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summit, 2021

Topic: Neurodiversity and Leadership

Presentation Format: Poster and Presentation


Post Industrialist Paradigm Symposium, 2021

Topic: Leader Identity and Ushering the Postindustrial Paradigm

Presentation Format: Presentation and Discussion  


Award Winning Member of Toastmasters International since 2020

Podcast Appearances

Leadership and Loyalty Podcast, the #1 show for Fortune 500 Listeners globally according to Apple Podcasts), and Inc Magazine's "Number One Podcast To Make You A Better Leader”, 2021

Topic: Breaking Open Your Leadership Identity Box: Becoming a Meaning Driven Leader


Curiosity Bites

Topic: Self-constructionism and Cultural Biases, 2020

Grind, Sell and Elevate

Topic: Engineering the Mind Toward Awareness, Freedom & Flow, 2021


Entrepreneur Empowerment Show

Topic: Leadership Development and Adult Learning, 2021

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