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Life & Productivity Coaching

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Habit Creation 

Habits are done automatically, or subconsciously; like walking, riding a bicycle, or driving a car, or even the habit of negative self-talk. When we first engage in a new action or behavior, our brains must process tons of new information, correcting and replacing it until we are able to do it correctly. Through using the science of the brain, Nafs coach can help you rewire your brain and form new habits while losing the old ones that do not serve you.  

Time & Productivity Management 

There are many scientifically proven ways to manage your time. It starts with managing anxiety and then developing systems that help you optimize your day. Customizing time management techniques help you find what works for you without having to engage in endless trial and error (and the resulting demotivation cycle). 

Emotional and Response Management

Do you struggle with staying calm under pressure or responding mindfully to triggers? this type of coaching is for you. Nafs coach has several different coaching methods to help you gain control over your emotions in stressful situations. Combining cognitive behavioral science with latest mindfulness practices (only the ones that are result-oriented) Nafs coach can empower you to reach your best self. 

Mitigating Negative Self-talk
Developing Self-confidence 

So many people struggle with negative self-talk but a few decide to free themselves of unnecessary self-criticisms. Those who find a way to freedom realize a new version of themselves that is more confident, capable, and has a higher capacity for joy and flow. Using cognitive behavioral inspired techniques, Nafs coach can help you identify and mitigate your negative self-talk and replace it with a new image of yourself that leads to success.  

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